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Club it Forward is a golf charity foundation in Las Vegas, NV. The idea was born by two sisters, Mizara Norton (@girlsgolf702) and Milan Norton (@ballmarker) who have loved golf since they were three years of age. They have since been developing in the sport and now play competitively. They realized that most kids who have a similar passion for golfing don’t participate because they cannot afford to buy golf equipment, Mizara and Milan decided to set up Club it Forward to give these kids an opportunity to hit the course. The sisters who are also lovers of academic learning are determined help other kids to be brought up with the game as they did. Club it Forward aims to empower kids in the community through golfing by providing them with the needed resources they are lacking.

By simply passing a club or a set of golf clubs to another junior golfer, the game grows. This is why the foundation gives every kid the opportunity to golf.